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An aircraft suitable for aerobatic training and performing acrobatic stunts in the air is termed as an aerodyne and is extensively used both in air-shows and aerobatic competitions. Such aircrafts are usually classified under two categories- training aircrafts used for aerobatic training and for air-show demonstrations. It goes without saying that aircrafts used for aerobatic grooming are completely distinct and different from the airplanes used for general or civil aviation. The aircrafts mainly used for aerobatic maneuvering happen to be gliders, military helicopters, and VTOLs. However, the class or category of aircrafts that are used most widely for the aforementioned purpose are called aerobatic aircrafts.

It doesn’t need to be emphasized that aerobatic airplanes has to go through stringent quality control tests to doubly make sure that the same stay controllable through the gamut of manueuvres. Aircrafts certified the aerobatic training are constructed meticulously so that these can tolerate high-level stress arising out of spine-chilling and adrenaline-pumping maneuvers. This type of airplane has some unique structural features that you won’t find in a normal passenger or civil aviation aircraft including but not limited to a bubbled canopied cockpit, quick-exit doors or canopies, toned down oil and gasoline systems for making possible fully manipulated capsized or inverted flights, and extremely robust cockpits with heavily buttressed seat as well as shoulder belts that holds the pilot in place.

One brand of aerobatic aircraft that is heavily used by aerobatic training teams around the world is the Extra 300L. This aircraft has all the required certificates to operate or fly as an acrobatic, utility, and passenger airplane. The Extra 300L despite being an LCA has the capability of demonstrating high-class aerobatics as it tolerates up to +10 G/-10 G of gravitational force (both pulls and pushes). At the same time, the Extra 300L is a comfortable flying machine.

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